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Want your driver's license but don't have the money to pay for it? Need books for school but they're too expensive? Want a job but don't have a ride to your job interviews?

Our Self-Determination Fund awards $400 cash grant to youth trying to achieve success or trying to take steps to gain control of their own life. The purpose of these grants it to support HYPE Center youth members in achieving success one goal at a time.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and application below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

  • You are 25 years old or younger.
  • You are enrolled and active as a HYPE Center member and have at least completed your Contract to Self at the HYPE Center.
  • We will prioritize applications from youth who have systems involvement (including foster care and juvenile justice), are unstably housed or homeless, are active sex workers, are in the life and/or are healing from exploitation.

How much funding can I apply for and how often?

Youth can apply for up to $400.00, and can be awarded once per calendar year.

What are examples of how I can use these funds?

  • To obtain government-issued papers like a birth certificate, driver’s license, work permit, etc. 
  • To cover costs of transportation to job interviews, to class enrollment, etc.
  • To cover therapeutic activities like horseback riding, knitting, rock climbing, etc.

When are applications accepted?

Applications are accepted from youth on a rolling basis, which means you can submit your application whenever and the HYPE Center team will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I submit an application?

All applications can be submitted online using the form below. If you're unable to submit online, please email hypecenter@freedom-forward.org and we will help you out.

What is included in the application and do I have to submit written answers?

As a part of your application, we want to know how you’re going to use the money and how it will contribute to you achieving success in your life! You will see some questions on the application asking you to explain this. We know it might be easier for some youth to talk about their idea instead of writing about it so we are accepting applications in two formats: 1. A written application or 2. A video submission. If you do the video submission, you must fully answer the questions listed in the application. 

We've temporarily paused our Self-Determination Funds. Check back soon!