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Pronouns: she/her

My name is Najma Douglas. I am a black mother and community leader. I stand for the liberation of black/brown CIS, transgender girls and women, and non-gender conforming folks and youth justice. I see so much beauty in life’s obstacles and memorable events.

With so much practical knowledge, I hope to take back the black and brown narrative, gain and maintain financial literacy in communities malnourished, educate young and old on the justice system and how we can use it as a tool in order to effect intergenerational growth and hold myself and each other accountable/responsible for the sole success of our community going forward.

I love advocating and focusing predominantly on the youth, for the simple fact that they are TODAY and the FUTURE. Black excellence is close to my spirit and dear to my heart, I hold myself to high standards so my beautiful children can do the same to continue a lineage of Royalty. Through education, conscious knowledge, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness I AM liberating my people.

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